Auto Warehouse


    ASRS & AGV System

    • Logistics system planning and consulting

    • Automated warehouse system integration

    • Material equipment design and manufacturing

    • WMS\WCS\DPS Information recognition technology application


    Professional experience accumulation


    success case


    Yuanrong ASRS & AGV System is a highly integrated comprehensive system integrating Optical, Mechanical, Electrical, and Information Technology. It can realize the full automation of  Packaging, Transportation, Loading and Unloading, Sorting, Storage and Information Management. Provide customers with full-scheme ASRS & AGV System services such as logistics system planning and consulting, logistics equipment design and manufacturing, and information recognition technology applications.

    Automatic warehousing  system
    Intelligent logistics system
    Automatic picking system
    Information Management System
    Automation control system
    Shelves, stackers, shuttles
    Conveyor, hoist, AGV/RGV
    Electronic label, cross belt sorting system
    Information recognition system, PDA, server

    Other auxiliary equipment:

    • Detection
    • Measurement
    • Security
    • Protection
    • Fire protection
    • Monitoring
      Provide systematic, full-scenario comprehensive solutions and implementation of logistics systems  


    Stacker (independently developed)

    L Series (5-50kg)
    M Series (50-500kg)
    H Series (500-5000kg)
    • Height: up to 35 meters

    • Speed: Up to 360 m/min

    • Carrying capacity: up to 5 tons


    AGV(Independent research and development)

    Load capacity:≤ 500KG
    Maximum speed: 90 m/min
        Navigation mode: laser/ribbon
    Means of communication: wireless
    AGV Products 1:Ribbon navigation AGV
    AGV Products 1:Reflection less Laser navigation AGV (SLAM navigation)